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Stone Production Line How Rational Design
At present, the mechanism of Construction Waste Crusher Sale sand and gravel industry, China is in the sunrise period. According to statistics, nearly two years of sand measured dosage as high as 10 billion tons per year, and direct output value of 300 billion yuan, driven transport 235 billion yuan output value, output of 535 billion yuan, ranking first in the world. Specification for design and construction of the mechanism of sand production line has good economic, environmental and social benefits. So, how rational design of stone production line? For this reason, sand production line equipment manufacturing has a large number of users in the field of Shanghai Xuan stones production line machinery company for more than 10 years experience in design, installation, commissioning and owner feedback to the following advice:
Cost savings-1, can be resolved with a broken Stone Crushing Equipment Sale machine equipment firm instead of two. Each Crusher equipment increases, the need to increase circular vibrating screen, conveyor belts and other equipment, which brings not only the cost of buying the equipment, there is produced during the late run of wearing parts motor power consumption, these expenditures made by landlords all too much. Therefore, if it can be through the use of a single piece of Jaw Crusher, intelligent single counterattack broke, Germany original rotor centrifugal sand making machine and other equipment to streamline production processes, be sure not to choose more than one stone of the host device configuration schemes.
2, material – depending on the hardness of stone properties, selecting the right Crusher equipment. Expert people are knows, stone hardness is select what broken machine equipment of main factors, as used counterattack type broken machine broken granite words, brings of results only is for not finished of Board hammer and huge of easy loss pieces procurement cost, but if selection Germany original rotor centrifugal type business sand machine words, not only can greatly reduced easy loss pieces replaced times, and also will substantially improve business sand rate and production.

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