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Forex trading
Any Forex trading option will eventually change Fibonacci one day. Some traders only occasionally use this template, and for others it is a widely used trading tool. It does not matter how much you use this tool; it's important to use it correctly every time.

Incorrect and non-standard use of technical analysis tools has devastating results, such as the wrong entry point and continuous losses. If you do not have a lot of Forex experience or Fibonacci correction, you are more likely to be in error. These are the mistakes that have already been repeated by hundreds of traders. In this article we will show you the common mistakes in using Fibonacci correction in Forex trading.

These mistakes do not necessarily reflect the use of this technical analysis tool. Read these things, keep in mind and avoid them when working with Fibonacci patterns.

Do not confuse Fibonacci reference points
التداول بالعملات الاجنبية forex
When you apply Fibonacci correction on the action jump, you should always keep the reference points constant. So if you consider the lowest price of a process at the end of a meeting or Kendall body as the reference, the best price should be in the body of a curvy top of the trend. Thus, the points of reference remain constant: the body of Kendel to the body of Kendall, the phytilla to the phytilia, and so on.
شركه فوركس
Mistaking the reference points of the Fibonacci patterns does not result in error analysis or trading errors. By going from Kendall's body to Phillike Kendall, all your analyzes are condemned to error.

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