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Artificial sand has become the mainstream of construction sand
Traditional building production requires natural sand. When more and more natural sand disappears with the limitation of energy, artificial sand has become the mainstream of Sand Making Machine due to the reduction of the number of traditional sand materials. Sand is also a national policy, so with the support of the country's good policies, we have no reason not to choose artificial sand, and artificial sand has a unique advantage. It is a feeder, a jaw crusher, an impact sand making machine, a heavy-duty vibrating screen and a high-efficiency sand washing machine, and is connected by a belt conveyor to form a line. The production line uses a high-speed rotating wheel to throw the stone at a line speed of 76m/s, and collides with the wear-resistant lining to form the breaking principle of stone and stone. It ensures smooth discharge of the entire process, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and 50% energy saving than traditional equipment. The raw materials for artificial sand making are generally basalt sand, granite sand, and andesite. These rocks are processed by professional sand making equipment, which can produce artificial sand that meets national standards. It is specially used for the supply of gravel aggregates for highways, railway buildings and house buildings. The current mechanism sand market is stable and the demand is huge. In addition, the mechanism sand production equipment is getting better and better, and it is very beneficial for individuals to invest and set up factories.
Under the dual pressure of natural resources and economic situation, the natural sand is gradually replaced by artificial sand to become the mainstream of construction sand, which will inevitably drive the economic development of sand production line equipment.

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