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locked due to suspicous activity. persistant little malware.
two days ago I was doing my daily searching on the web (no porn sites lol, just game websites & forums.) when my comp started to slow down to the point of crash. several windows popped out of nowhere and knowing that the comp might've gotten something nasty I restarted the computer ASAP. unplugged the modem cable to prevent anyone from connecting to the net on my comp. went out with my friends and once i came back I found out that my lil sis has plugged the cable and was playing WoW, 30 minutes or so after the play my account was locked for suspicous activity.
I boot scanned my computer for spywares and did another full scan on my comp with Kaspersky Internet Security. found some malware but doubt they had anything to do with the keylogging cuz of the directory of the files. 

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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